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Product Introduction 2

Surface treatment

Plating type

Precious metalGGold, Silver, Nickel-palladium
Other metalGTin, Nickel,

Base material

Copper, brass, Phosphor bronze, Special copper alloy, Stainless steel, Pure nickel, etc.

Die casting,

@High quality precision die cast parts for digital camera, cellular telephones, personal computers, etc.

@Various die cast material, such as aluminum, zinc, etc.

@With surface treatment, plating or coating available.

@Supply bases in Japan & China.

Precision Slitting

Slit Specification

Material Copper alloy, Stainless steel,
Plated metalsiNi, Sn, Auj
Before slit Material thickness 0.03`1.5mm
Max. material width 600mm
Inside diameter of coil 76mm, 200`300mm, 400mm, 500mm
Outside diameter of coil Max. 1200mm
Coil weight Max.8kg/mm
After slit Inside diameter of coil 200mm, 300mm, 500mm
Outside diameter of coil Max. 1200mm
Winding method Split sheet winding, Spool winding
Slit width Min.1.0mm

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